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How To Rent Out Your Room ? – Place A Sign or Banner

There are many ways how you can rent out your room, one of the easiest way is to put up a sign on your front gate or somewhere where either walking or drive-by traffic can see it. Always drive by and walk by it to test the effectiveness of it as sometimes the location that it is placed may not be optimal for a potential tenant who is in the car or a person who is walking by the house.

The cost of to get a sign or a banner is very minimal and would be even lower price if you buy them in bulk. Trust me; there are many reasons why you want to do this, from tenants who do not like you to jealous competitors in the neighborhood who would love to trash your sign. I recently did 20 pieces of banners and it cost me about RM10 (USD3) a banner. You would need to specify to the printers that you would want to place it outdoors and therefore needing it to be waterproof material and of course punched holes at the four ends with rope to tie it to your gate, etc. Also a good point would be to inform them that you would need it in 2-3 colors to ensure that the cost is also reduced, remember that you never know when it is going to disappear or appear in your trash chopped up into pieces. The color is also important for the sign as you have to take in consideration that potential tenants driving around in a moving vehicle will have to see your sign and take notice while ensuring they do not knock anything along the way so it’s always important to have it in striking colors. The colors I use are red, white and black. Weather also does play a part as you have to ensure that it looks professional yet easy to read and legible to a large group of people. The person seeing the sign may be an elderly person who is looking for a room for her daughter or grand-daughter so size does matter in this case.

You would be surprised how something so simple can generate many leads to you. You would want to place basic important information like your phone number, a website and possibly specify what you are looking for in a tenant very briefly, ie. Students only. You may want to leave out your name as I find that it is not vital to place your name on the sign as potential tenants will call anyway if they are interested and placing your name may sometimes reduce leads calling in. You can always do a split test to test it out if you really want to find out the differences.