Hi! My name is Sean Lim and I’m a full time property investor via renting rooms. I am currently managing 35 rooms on my own. Yes, it is quite some work, but it is worth while end of the day. I only wished I purchased more back then in 2003 as the property prices has already doubled and even tripled in some of my properties. My actual website where I market my 35 rooms can be seen here. My website URL is www.roomtoletnow.com . I am a real person who is running a real profitable business and not just another so called investor who does not do what he preaches.

I first discovered room rental after I purchased my first landed property, a double story terrace link house in 2003 as I was about to purchase a landed property that is a double storey link house but I realized that if I rented out the entire house, I would get a small amount of rental that could hardly make my loan repayment. I then learned that taking a big piece of the house and chopping it into smaller pieces, I would not only be able to repay my monthly loan repayments but also have additional cash flow every month. At this present moment, I am personally still managing 35 active rooms and increasing more soon.

I created this site as I wanted to share this experience and knowledge that has made me a millionaire in net worth while still working on my normal day job that assisted me to purchase my properties slowly but surely.

You would be able to learn more from me if you drop me an email via my contact page.

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